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Broadband/High Speed Internet and VOIP

Speakeasy Speed Test Broadband Reports Huge speed test site! 4 major USA city sites with an additional 300+ test sites. Here are some of the best that are close to Detroit.
IL, Argonne - Argonne National Laboratory  (NDT, 18 hops from me)
VA, Arlington - National Science Foundation  (NDT, 20 hops from me)
VA, Newport News - Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility  (NDT, 15+ hops from me)
TN, Knoxville - University of Tennessee / Oak Ridge National Laboratory  (NDT, 17+ hops from me)
Showing 9 out of the 300 in Michigan as of 1/8/2005, but only the 5 below are still working, the other 4 links are broken or outdated.
MI, Ann Arbor  (NDT, 19+ hops from me)
MI, Bay City  (NDT, 17+ hops from me)
MI, Flint  (NDT, 15 hops from me)
MI, West Bloomfield  (15 hops from me)
MI, VARIOUS  (20 hops from me) Neat animated speed test, but they do not give great results for me due to being too loaded or to far away from Detroit (8 USA city sites to test to). This is my ISP and also the closest test site to me  (5 hops from me)
Broadband Reports Mobile Mobile device speed test for phone, PDA, etc.  (17 hops from me) Test your internet connection to determine suitability for VOIP.
Cable Modem status lookup Address works for many cable modems, including Motorola SurfBoard SB4100, to view the embeded web server status pages.

News and General Info

News Detroit Free Press My local news.
Metro Detroit Guide My local guide.
Slashdot Geek news.
Broadband Reports Great news site for all forms of broadband (was
Cnet General tech news, reviews, tools, info.
Tom's Hardware Good detailed tech news and reviews for modders, overclockers, some quiet PC reviews.
Core77 Industrial Design site.

Hobbies and other Fun Stuff

Kevin's old Margay Kart Thunderbird Kart Club - Karting in Metro Detroit - I did it for a year in 1999, with an old, very used, Margay Kart - lots of fun!
Water Rocketry
Chad Vader - a Star Wars© spoof of Darth Vader's younger brother

Quiet / Silent Computers

Computers, Unix, Linux Silent PC Review Awesome site! Lots of well done reviews, I agree with all their findings and opinions (so far ...)
Silent Huge reference page with massive amounts of details.
Yahoo Group for Quiet/Silent PC's I have read a lot of the postings from 2002 and 2003, but now I usually just read Silent PC Review.
Silicon Acoustics Only quiet components for sale! The specialists.
Directron Their dedicated quiet component section is worth a look, but I almost always order from NewEgg.


NewEgg My all time favorite computer shopping place!!!
Pricewatch Can be very handy.
ServerCase Where I get my 4U server cases for making quiet/silent full power PC's.
CK4071 current favorite (but poor vent holes: too few, too small) requires modding for improved air inflow
CK4066 just received, haven't tried it out yet
CK4055 #1 possibility for next case if CK4066 is excessively long
CK4062 #2 possibility for next case if CK4066 is too long
CK436 DO NOT get this one ever again (great vent holes, but has 1" inset of drive bays that reduces interior length too much!)

Recycling/Disposal of Electronics, Cell Phones, Computers, and Batteries

trashing the computer Get rid of your old PC the PC way - 12/16/2006 - Kim Komando Show
call 2 recycle (877-2-RECYCLE) - 2007 - Recycle your rechargable batteries
      by - Participating Retailers: Target, Sears, BestBuy, Circuit City, Office Depot, Staples, Radio Shack, etc.
Recycle Your Old PCs - 8/8/2006 - PC Magazine
Recycle Your PC For Charity - 4/11/2006 - PC Magazine
10 Things to Do With Old PCs - 11/19/2003 - PC Magazine

Phone Books (White & Yellow Pages)

Phone Book SwitchBoard

Home Pages

Home Pages Motor City Dog and Kitty Our friend Denise's Pet Sitting Service
Random Synapse Firing - Wolfger Mike Foster
Captain Computer Paul Siebert
Blue Cloud Video Paige and Matt